Children’s Display


Made a new display for my other job. Considering it was last minute it’s not too bad.

Originally I just had Pigeon on there, but I felt it was too plain so after I had it up I added Trixie. While I cutting her out and gluing her up I had three kids watching me, asking me questions, and telling me stories about school. It was super cute.


Don’t let the pigeon ruin the library book!

Any person who works in a library knows the pain of mistreated books. Having a book returned  that has been waterlogged, chewed on, ripped, or colored in and no person to confess to the damage. Teaching children at a young age to appreciate library books is such an important lesson.

I ran across this coloring book featuring a favorite pigeon which would be a perfect way to begin teaching children the importance of treating things carefully. This would work well with a storytime, passive programming, a class visit, or to use at home not only for those library family’s but for those kids who love this loud bird.