Teen Advisory Group

One of my co-workers recently asked me to take over the Teen Advisory Group at our library. They weren’t getting anyone and she would rather focus on the computer classes she was teaching. I had no problems taking it on. I found during my MILS that I knew I wanted to work with kids and after a while I realized that working with teens would be fun. At my other job I was in charge of the Teen Advisory Council so I have some experience running this type of group.

My TAC group was 10 people strong when I took over last year (I was able to get some new people) and when I finished last week I was at 2 1/2. I knew what I wanted to do with the group, but I wasn’t able to get there.

I’m currently working on a different approach for this group that will involve less asking for opinions and hoping they want to be involved and more putting the group in their hands. Letting them plan programs and be active in that planning and working the programs. I have the ideas I just need them to run with them and make some of their own.

I’m hoping that I can get teens to come in to the meeting first off and second that I can work with them to get the group to where I know it can. I’ve seen enough examples from other libraries to see successful teen advisory groups that continue to grow and are active in planing and attending library programs and that they want to be a part of this group.

My meeting is next week. Hopefully I get a couple teens to even show up.


Children’s Display


Made a new display for my other job. Considering it was last minute it’s not too bad.

Originally I just had Pigeon on there, but I felt it was too plain so after I had it up I added Trixie. While I cutting her out and gluing her up I had three kids watching me, asking me questions, and telling me stories about school. It was super cute.

Hilda the Hippo and A Class Visit

Today for our youth services meeting we had to do a book talk on a children’s book with a female lead. My book talk was mostly just rambling because I got super nervous, but it went okay. The book I chose was “Hilda Must Be Dancing” which is one of my favorite children’s books. I love the pictures and Hilda’s outfits. My co-worker noted also how body positive it was and it’s true that Hilda the Hippo is a big lady who wants nothing more than just to dance. It’s one that I recommend time and time again, because it’s such a fun book (and the children love Hilda’s dancing outfits).



I was supposed be off on Monday so I could begin my Saturday rotation, but one of my co-workers asked if  I could do a couple of class visits and I agreed. It makes me very nervous and I’m a little bummed not to be off all day (I was hoping to work at my other job), but I know that this opportunity is not only going to teach me about how class visits work here, but also it hopefully makes me more available to assist with similar programs in the future. I may not be active in youth programming, but I know that I need to take the chances where they exist to have some involvement which is great.

it’s for a group of 3rd graders so I was thinking about reading “Leonardo the Terrible Monster” or “Mole Rat Gets Dressed” both by Mo Willems. They’re fun books that I think even 3rd graders can find enjoyable.

New Responsibilities

I’ve been given a couple new tasks at my new job. They involved creating a rotating display in three places. One of which I was able to get started (see below). I was assigned a book shelf which previously was holding a few flyers because no one knew what to do with it. I thought it might be a good idea to have a display with a theme and books fitting that theme. It’s not the greatest bookshelf, but I added a sign a made and some books and I think it looks better already. It needs a little work to jazz it up, but it’s something.

Next I need to work on the edge of the circ desk to clean up the promotional material and three square slat-walls (which are empty except for the occasional taped up flyer). Close to the slat-wall is a bulletin board which is in the process of being updated by a co-worker who was just hired the same day as me. Hers will have flyers with library promotional material and I don’t think we need that many in a small space. I was trying to come up with something to do when I was told I could use butcher paper to cover the slat-walls with a display which I think I may do. I create children’s displays at my other job and am happy that I can carry that over to this job.

Not I have something to focus my attention on when I’m not on the reference desk. Now I just have to figure out how to oversee programming.

Beginning With New Shelf

New Chapter, New Librarian

I recently began a new job as a Librarian in a new library. I am currently still in the adjustment period and trying to learn everything that I can and need too. My new co-workers have been extremely nice and helpful.

I am hoping that at some point I will be able to feel my way into programming. At the moment the youth aspect of programming is already held by two others and I definitely am not looking to step on any toes (since recently I know how frustrating that can be). I have offered my assistance and I am hoping it will be taken. For now it has been mentioned to me that adult programming is needed and since I’m not big on adult programming and do not know much about it (I’m a big kid) it’s going to take a bit more, but it is needed and I can’t take for granted an opportunity (hopefully).

For now I still have my job as a Librarian Associate at my home library, but have significantly lowered my hours. Mostly I am ordering teen fiction and adult nonfiction, doing the Art Hop, the Second Sunday, and doing what I can for the Summer Reading (but that is affected by the toe stepper on).

It’s a new chapter and I’m curious to see where this will lead me. Although I can say I am excited for my first paycheck :).