New Responsibilities

I’ve been given a couple new tasks at my new job. They involved creating a rotating display in three places. One of which I was able to get started (see below). I was assigned a book shelf which previously was holding a few flyers because no one knew what to do with it. I thought it might be a good idea to have a display with a theme and books fitting that theme. It’s not the greatest bookshelf, but I added a sign a made and some books and I think it looks better already. It needs a little work to jazz it up, but it’s something.

Next I need to work on the edge of the circ desk to clean up the promotional material and three square slat-walls (which are empty except for the occasional taped up flyer). Close to the slat-wall is a bulletin board which is in the process of being updated by a co-worker who was just hired the same day as me. Hers will have flyers with library promotional material and I don’t think we need that many in a small space. I was trying to come up with something to do when I was told I could use butcher paper to cover the slat-walls with a display which I think I may do. I create children’s displays at my other job and am happy that I can carry that over to this job.

Not I have something to focus my attention on when I’m not on the reference desk. Now I just have to figure out how to oversee programming.

Beginning With New Shelf


New Chapter, New Librarian

I recently began a new job as a Librarian in a new library. I am currently still in the adjustment period and trying to learn everything that I can and need too. My new co-workers have been extremely nice and helpful.

I am hoping that at some point I will be able to feel my way into programming. At the moment the youth aspect of programming is already held by two others and I definitely am not looking to step on any toes (since recently I know how frustrating that can be). I have offered my assistance and I am hoping it will be taken. For now it has been mentioned to me that adult programming is needed and since I’m not big on adult programming and do not know much about it (I’m a big kid) it’s going to take a bit more, but it is needed and I can’t take for granted an opportunity (hopefully).

For now I still have my job as a Librarian Associate at my home library, but have significantly lowered my hours. Mostly I am ordering teen fiction and adult nonfiction, doing the Art Hop, the Second Sunday, and doing what I can for the Summer Reading (but that is affected by the toe stepper on).

It’s a new chapter and I’m curious to see where this will lead me. Although I can say I am excited for my first paycheck :).