Gingerbread Houses Program FTW!

After month’s of unsuccessful programs I finally hit one out out of the park.

In December I ran a Gingerbread House Decorating programs for children and had a whopping 65 people show up. I only had 3 sign-ups and was expecting maybe 20. My co-worker make a joke that as long as they weren’t lined up again the glass like at the Lego Club I should be fine. 5 minutes there they were lined up at the glass. I needed an emergency powered sugar run which was the only downfall.

Other than that it was great. I heard a couple children say they had never decorated a gingerbread house before which was awesome and for some of those children we known their financial situation which made their comment that much better. I made about 55 gingerbread houses with the milk cartons we saved over summer and I had about 4 leftover. Definitely work the hours it took to make them.

Overall it was a successful program and put some wind in my somewhat flagging sails.


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