Class Visit

Today was my second time doing a class visit ever. The first time I did one was a couple of months ago at my other job. It was a preschool class and it went okay. Mostly I did great at reading my books and not so great at talking about the library.

My boss at my new job gave a co-worker (who had taken over class visits) and me a run down on how her and her (our) boss had perfected their class visits. I was extremely nervous. Not only because I had only done one class visit before, but also it was a whole new way of doing the class visits which I had never even seen done and it was going to be four classes in two hours. I have to make sure I was done in 30 minutes so the next class coming in could start right away.

To make things worse I had gotten sick on Friday and had not beaten it in time for today, therefore, I was coughing , sneezing, voiceless mess, but I knew when it was time to go I needed to perk up and get excited. I practiced to myself as much i could, but when it was time to go I jumped in and it turned out really great actually.

All four classes where 4th graders and at first did not seem very interested in the picture book that I was starting off with (Leonardo the Terrible Monster), but once I got to Sam’s tirade and they heard “wash out the bird poo that my brother’s cockatoo pooped on my head” they were totally into it and the rest went along smoothing (actually they wondered how I memorized his speech. I made sure not to turn the book around so they couldn’t see the taped up version I had on the back cover).

It took me a little longer that my boss told me (It should be 20 minutes and mine was 25 minutes each time), but I was new to it and it actually worked out well. My voice held out until the last class visit and I had an unfortunate cough attack which made it tough to read for a couple of minutes, but luckily they all understood.

The new method involved a cart full of nonfiction and fiction to show what we have at the library and it was wonderful to hear how excited they got over the nonfiction as well as the fiction. I also learned today that Bigfoot huge hit, Justin Bieber not a hit.

Overall I was very happy with how it went and this method is one that I will continue to use.


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