Hilda the Hippo and A Class Visit

Today for our youth services meeting we had to do a book talk on a children’s book with a female lead. My book talk was mostly just rambling because I got super nervous, but it went okay. The book I chose was “Hilda Must Be Dancing” which is one of my favorite children’s books. I love the pictures and Hilda’s outfits. My co-worker noted also how body positive it was and it’s true that Hilda the Hippo is a big lady who wants nothing more than just to dance. It’s one that I recommend time and time again, because it’s such a fun book (and the children love Hilda’s dancing outfits).



I was supposed be off on Monday so I could begin my Saturday rotation, but one of my co-workers asked if  I could do a couple of class visits and I agreed. It makes me very nervous and I’m a little bummed not to be off all day (I was hoping to work at my other job), but I know that this opportunity is not only going to teach me about how class visits work here, but also it hopefully makes me more available to assist with similar programs in the future. I may not be active in youth programming, but I know that I need to take the chances where they exist to have some involvement which is great.

it’s for a group of 3rd graders so I was thinking about reading “Leonardo the Terrible Monster” or “Mole Rat Gets Dressed” both by Mo Willems. They’re fun books that I think even 3rd graders can find enjoyable.


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